EFKO Group's human resources are its key asset and major competitive advantage. In line with that, our HR policy is aimed at creating a working environment promoting the effectiveness of operations and personnel involvement while ensuring the transparency of HR management approaches and principles.

Currently, EFKO employs more than 17 thousand people, guaranteeing them equal access to personal and professional development opportunities to benefit each of them individually and the Group in the long-run.

As a leader in the Fat&Oil market, we have stringent standards for our team to meet, and we do our best to attract leading industry professionals and help them improve their knowledge and skills in all the major areas crucial to our projects.

To succeed, we have the following systems in place:

  • recruiting and training of talented young professionals
  • ongoing professional training for our employees
  • promotion mechanisms to facilitate career advancement.

The ongoing professional training system covers all our employees. It includes specialized training sessions, courses and workshops offering employees access to new knowledge and skills and helping them to get a clear perspective and balance their goals with those of their employer.

Our extensive training programs are held at EFKO's dedicated training centers: Job specialization learning center, Training center for managers, EFKO corporate University and chair of "Chemistry of natural products" in cooperation with Voronezh State University.

As a part of the program for formation the personnel reserve for the Group, effective managers training and strengthen common corporate values and cultures, EFKO cooperates with one of a kind educational center in Belgorod region - School of Management Biriuch.

The Company regularly conducts  career trips to its production facilities for pupils and students, takes part in career fairs, cooperates with the best Russian educational centers and supports educational and social initiatives.

In May 2013, EFKO Group and "Krasnogvardeiskii Agricultural College" with the participation of Belgorod region administration signed a ternary agreement on social partnership in terms of implementing dual educational system program which involves an internship at the Groups' companies in addition to the theoretical part of education.

Company's management team supports its employees in their quest to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. The Company regularly holds Days of health and sports between its departments and companies, carries a corporate free of charge gym on the Liman and has football and volleyball teams participating in competitions on behalf of the Company.

In 2011, we founded EFKO's Corporate University for talented young professionals. Established as a subdivision of Voronezh State University, it offers an advanced training course and state-recognized certificates to successful graduates. In 2012, a total of 771 employees received training under corporate or external programs, among which 308 employees were in a skills upgrading program and 305 employees attended Biriuch Management School.

Ever since EFKO’s inception, this strong focus on the HR policy has been driving the quality of management, corporate culture, and new exciting projects.

The Group also works to develop its health and safety management system, which is fully compliant with statutory requirements and is run across all of EFKO's businesses. We actively invest in HSEs, including regular medical checkups for employees exposed to occupational health hazards, review of working environments, purchase of uniforms, PPEs, and specialized literature. The Group's businesses have an ongoing training process for the personnel, along with onsite safety briefings.

Starting 1997, the Company has been working closely with the Alekseevka Diagnostic and Treatment Center, the Group's healthcare services provider. It employs more than 30 medical practitioners covering 20 specialist areas and is superior to most of the Belgorod Region's medical institutions in its equipment.

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