31 October 2018

Volunteer project «New Horizons» chose leaders

31 October 2018, Temryukskiy district, Krasnodar region, Russia – Volunteer project «New Horizons» chose leaders of the project in schools via voting. This academic year 45 more active and initiative young people joined the volunteer movement.

^6BBF93C4D123AF0AD24F8BB6A613B4C958F861844235A3F56E^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpgFor 6 years a volunteer project «New Horizons» has successfully worked on Taman peninsula with the support of «EFKO» Group. Over 80 active pupils from 6 to 11 grade are engaged in the project. This year 45 more active young volunteers have joined the project.

An annual program includes collecting of humanitarian aid, organization of eco-descents, assisting veterans, low-income and large families. Besides, young volunteers actively participate and organize events directed to a healthy lifestyle and territory arranging of their settlements and villages.

Only an active, self-motivated and executive person, who has organizational skills, can become a leader.

On election day candidates had to show participants of the project their presentation telling how they see development of the volunteer project and why exactly they must be leaders in the next volunteer year.

It was quite difficult to make a choice because all presentations were related to the future of the settlement. Nevertheless, the fortune favored Anna Osipova (school №28) and Probalova Maria (school №9). Before assuming their new duties, the girls have to organize a general meeting with volunteers to discuss a plan of activities for the next year, write a detailed program of volunteer events and from November start realizing of the plan.

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