4 October 2018

The second corporative Olympics between EFKO employees took place in Sukko

4 November 2018, Krasnodar region, Russia – The main EFKO Group’s sport event of the year – II corporative Olympics – took place in Sukko, Anapa district. For two days on the territory of the rope park 4 teams were fighting for the best results in overcoming of the rope town, unclassical sport orientation, Holland billiards, military game, passing of sport-stage.

II Olympics for EFKO Group’s employees in Taman seaport gathered 50 participants and no less amount of spectators. Such an exciting sport event became a cheerful part of the weekend for employees of the company.

«The idea of the Olympics is unification. All together we are EFKO company. Competitions exist to organize new acquaintances and communication between people. A sense of corporative unification is developed enough in each separate business-unit, but we all have a lot in common. We want people to be proud of the company where they work. Our employees promote a healthy lifestyle and we support it. This is a good example for youth to follow, and the company invest it not in words but in deeds. I like mutual respect between employees. Nobody loses here. All recognize efforts that sportsmen made fighting for the victory», - deputy of the chief of corporative relations of EFKO company’s branch in Taman seaside Anastasia Voropaeva notes.

релиз 1.jpgThis year the teams demonstrated a serious performance, therefore until the very end the results were unpredictable. Most came with families that were supporting the teams competing in sport orientation, overcoming of the rope town, jumping rope, weight lifting, Holland billiards.

«There are more than 1,2 ths employees on the production area in Taman seaport. And it’s not always possible to communicate face to face. Such events help to come together. It’s a teambuilding, an opportunity to make you feel a part of the same team that does a big deal, - CEO of one of Group’s enterprises in Taman seaside Sergey Avertsev tells. – To do your best in several disciplines and then support the colleagues – the idea of the sport event turned out to be popular. Company’s employees considered medals and diplomas of the Olympics as the highest award. Besides, it was suggested to make these competitions an annual tradition».

All participants and winners of the II Olympics between EFKO Group’s employees in Taman seaside got diplomas, medals and valuable prizes – gift certificates to the appliance shops.

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