10 April 2018

Public ecological council to the Head of Temryuksky district can appear

10 April 2018, Temryuksky district, Russia – Participants of the meeting of the working group «Ecological control», which has taken place today in Taman at the EFKO Group’s area, have spoken with the idea of creation of the Public ecological council to the Head of Temryuksky district.

социальная группа_1.jpgTop managers of EFKO company in the seaport Taman, representatives of the administration of Temryuksky district, Taman rural settlement, Council of deputies of Taman and Novotaman settlements, All-Russian public organization «Green patrol» and local ecologists took part in the meeting of the working group.

Giving a report on the work undertaken by the company, Alexey Puhalsky, ecologist of the enterprise, emphasized that in 2017 on the territory of the seaport Taman within EFKO Group’s activity no technological incident was registered. During the reporting period the company realized a number of environmental friendly events aimed at minimizing of influence of Group’s activity on the environment. Among them there are regular production ecological monitoring, organization of differential collection and disposal of waste, rationing in the sector of the environment protection.

Company’s plant works using the technology of zero discharge that excludes emission of production pollutions to the environment. Water that is used in the production comes through almost 10 stages of cleaning including with the help of special bacteria. According to the results of the control of the seawater, there are no deviations from the maximum-permissible concentrations. Participants of the working group highly appreciated EFKO company’s work in the sector of realization of the policy of enterprise’s ecological stability.

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