Lye soap 

EFKO Group manufactures high quality soap chips for toilet soap production and soap chips for lye soap production.

The Clean Care brand lye soap is a high quality and highly efficient cleaning product manufactured with implementing innovative technologies and natural raw materials.

High-tech soap production process allows to getting the products of stable quality with a good cleaning performance and meeting all modern requirements for lye soap quality and environmental safety.

The Clean Care lye soap is produced in accordance with GOST 30266-95 "Soap laundry bars. General technical requirements" and TR TS 024/2011 "Technical regulations of the Customs Union on fat and oil production".

A lye soap products line includes following product types:

– Clean Care solid lye soap 65 % of rectangular or figured form with nominal weight 200-350 g;

– Clean Care solid lye soap 72 % of rectangular or figured form with nominal weight 200-350 g;

– Clean Care solid lye soap 72 % with nominal weight 200-350 g. 

Branded soap production

In 2014, EFKO Group brought to life a new type of product – solid soap bars.

To manufacture branded soap bars, the company implements the up-to-date European equipment on a contract basis at the Russian soap factories under the control of both the French company SINEF Cosmetiques’ employees and Innovation Center Biruch’s scientists.

All EFKO Group’s soap based on vegetable oils from the soap chips, essential oils and other components. Unlike most of soap bars available on the market, those produces by EFKO Group do not contain Sodium Tallowate – mixture of sodium salts resulting in pork, beef and other technical animal fats processing.

TM Malio has become the EFKO Group’s first brand on this market. The company intends to expand soap bars production line.

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