With a profound expertise in developing original recipes of new industrial fats with enhanced properties, EFKO is an industry leader. Workshops with Company experts sharing their knowledge are organized to exchange experience, and they are of benefit to both producers of ingredients and production engineers and food developers. Training is conducted on the basis of EFKO's Applied Research Centre, which is equipped with scaled-down equipment that represents production lines of bakeries, confectioneries and producers of milk-containing products, allowing for simulation of all key operations. Hence, workshop participants get an opportunity to fully understand the production process through making and tasting sample products (various kinds of frostings, chocolate spreads, dragée, sweets with a variety of fillings, vegetable fat creams, wafers and wafer products, oriental sweets, vegetable fat ice cream, curd desserts, spreads, processed cheese products, condensed milk-containing products, pastry products, etc.).

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