The Sloboda milk is a solely natural product with the well-known country-style taste — rich and incredibly tender.

The company manufactures milk in accordance with the Organic Control proprietary quality management system that ensures implementing only safe production technologies and up-to-date high-tech production facilities to keep all nutritional elements and mineral composition of natural cow’s milk. EFKO Group partnerships with the best carefully selected farms located in Belgorod region which implement latest technologies. 

In accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001-2011, each batch of milk is strictly tested and analyzed at the processing plant. 

Such approach allows EFKO Group to produce milk with a purity ratio 4 times higher than indicated in GOST № 13277-79. The Sloboda milk is rich in protein, calcium, magnesium and vitamin B. Do not contain GMOs, antibiotics, preservatives, additives and milk powder. 

EFKO Group produces milk with varying fat content: pasteurized milk with 2,5 % fat content and fresh whole milk with 3,5-4,5 % fat content.
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