The Sloboda ketchup line includes classical types with a uniform consistence such as Tomatniy, Shashlichniy, Ostriy and Chesnochniy ketchups and the options for gourmets prepared on compoundings, unique for Russia: Lecho, Grill with pieces of vegetables, Gurme with dried tomatoes and Chile with vegetables and hot pepper. Thanks to such variety everyone will be able to find in the updated line of ketchups for himself ideally suitable taste.

For production we use only ripe tomatoes, natural spices. Natural and simple structure is the essence of the Sloboda ketchup, a true lively food – delicious and healthy.

Sloboda ketchup is:

- all-natural components;
- all ingredients pass Organic Control system;
- dietary fibers;
- vitamins A, C, E;
- refined taste;
- free from GMOs.

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