The Sloboda mayonnaise is truly considered one of the most popular products among Russian customers, quality and taste model.

Our Organic Control proprietary quality management system ensures that Sloboda products free from artificial ingredients. We carefully control raw materials for our products production to ensure company’s high standards and to meet safety requirements established by law. 

The Sloboda mayonnaise is free from preservatives, artificial coloring agents, added flavorings, starch and GMOs. 

Thereby, the Sloboda mayonnaise has been included into the Register of Eco-efficient products, awarded many prizes of Russia's Top 100 Products, a national product contest, Sample Purchase, Channel 1’s independent consumer review show.  Recently mayonnaise Sloboda has received the state Quality mark, the first in the history of modern Russia. Totally this award only 12 enterprises of the country have been awarded.

The Sloboda mayonnaise line widely marketed in a variety of flavors and types: Provencal, with olive oil, with lemon juice, on quail eggs and mayonnaise sauce Sloboda Postniy. Mayonnaise sauce Sloboda Legkiy takes special place among the products of brand Sloboda. It is made with addition of prebiotics – natural food fibers that contribute to digestion normalization. The range of Sloboda mayonnaise continues to extend: so in 2015 the ruler was replenished with mayonnaise Sloboda Smetanny with classical fat content of 67 % to which natural sour cream is added for more gentle taste.

Only proven all-natural ingredients are used to make the Sloboda mayonnaise. Due to its natural origin, the Sloboda mayonnaise has smooth and delicate flavor — a true lively food.

According to Nielsen - a large independent organization that deals with measurement and analytics of consumer markets all over the world, - in 2019 Sloboda mayonnaise became a bestseller on Russian market: its share in physical terms amounted to 18,4%, in monetary terms - 19,8%.

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