The range of Sloboda sauces includes 5 flavors: rich Cheese, delicate Mushroom, mouth-watering Garlic, spicy Mustard and a delicious Caesar.

The excellent flavor of Sloboda sauces opens up almost unlimited scope for culinary experimentation. They not only bring a novelty to the usual sandwiches, snacks and other cold appetizers, but also are perfect for more complex recipes.

For Sloboda sauces only natural ingredients and spices are used: fresh egg yolks and vegetable oil for the base and pieces of vegetables, spices, and salt – for delight. The sauce is consistent with the high standards of quality and naturalness, which is controlled with the patented system of "Organic control" – a guarantee of product reliability and safety. It ensures that all Sloboda products are suitable for consumption by the whole family – they are tasty and safe for health.

All Sloboda sauces are made according to GOST 31755-2012. Available in convenient flexible packaging doypack with a volume of 220 g.

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