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11 October 2017, Russia – Following the results of 2016/2017 season, Russia has exported the record-high in modern Russian history 2.9 billion tonnes of vegetable oils. By the 2025/2026 season, the export may reach 5.4 billion tonnes, and the Russian share of the world vegetable oils market will grow to 15% - EFKO Group’s Director for Strategic Development Vladislav Romantsev predicts. The forecast was made during the business-session «Fat&Oil industry – a driver of Agro-Industrial resources effective usage», which was held at the Agro-Industrial exhibition «Golden Autumn».
10 October 2017, Russia – EFKO Group became one of the three largest Food Industry companies in Russia considering the total sales’ volume, as reported by the Rating Agency RAEX (Expert RA). Following the results of 2016, the Group’s total revenue is 106.9 billion roubles.
6 October 2017, Voronezh, Russia – EFKO Group specialists told about the advantages of animal feeds, produced by the company, under the research-to-practice conference «Current trends in compound feed industry. The vegetable origin GMO sources in compound feeds. Legal and regulatory framework and practical control of GMO». The conference was held on 26-29 September 2017 in Voronezh, on the base of The All-Russia Research Institute of Compound Feed Industry (VNIIKP).
4 October 2017, Russia – The leading business media and rating agencies («Forbes», «Expert», the RA «Expert RA», «RBC») summed up the 2016 results of the largest Russian companies. EFKO Group has strengthened and improved its position in all the published ratings.