Innovation Center Biruch is Russian Innovative Company created in 2013 as a result of equal partnership EFKO Group’s shareholders and leading Russian scientists. Innovation Center includes chemical laboratories conducting researches in the field of oleochemistry, technological laboratories developing new functional food products and instrumentation laboratory engaged in the development of industrial technologies and sensor robotics.

To ensure the high scientific and technical development level at short notice, EFKO Group created a unique scientific and research base in Russia as well as enabled the best talented young professionals at Innovation Center Biruch. There they have favorable conditions to disclosure both professional and creative potential.

Innovation Center Biruch supports contacts with other research centers and universities for professional development of employees and implementation of joint development. Together with the VSU and the Russian Ministry of Education and Science was implemented the complex project "Developing a hi-tech industry for plant oil and fibre processing and transformation into non-food products" in 2014 in continuation and development of the partnership on cooperation in the fields of educational and research activities EFKO Group opened a basic department "The Chemistry of Natural Compounds" based on the Faculty of Chemistry of VSU. Admission to the Master Degree Program "Oleochemistry" open to talented students. It is the first similar department opened in VSU, which will provide training of the training qualified specialists ready to management of hi-tech oleochemical production and realization of innovative projects.

For development of the oleochemical direction work we aim to attract talented young people from across the country.

We provide young employees with opportunities to professional growth and personal development, realization of the potential and receiving fair remuneration for the achieved results.
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