Yogurt is one of the most popular and useful dairy products in the world. The great Russian scientist Ilya Mechnikov developed this product, but the yogurt consumption per capita in Russia is only 5.5 kg per year, while in the Netherlands – 15 kg, in Germany – 17 kg, in France – 21 kg.

In 2015, EFKO Group entered the market of yogurts with «Sloboda» trade mark, and to date the company is in the top-10 largest yogurt manufacturers in Russia.

The Company’s production plant is situated in Alexeyevka, the Belgorod region. The plant is equipped with modern high-tech facilities and allows producing "living" bioyogurt with a storage period of 30 days without the use of preservatives.

The range features classic dairy, fruit and berry yogurt. Like all the «Sloboda» products, yogurts are made of only natural ingredients: the high quality cow milk with fruits and berries, yogurt cultures and L.casei lactobacterium, which aid to the immunity and improve intestinal activity.

A multistage quality control system guarantees a high quality of raw material throughout all the production chain. The company carefully selects suppliers and uses the newest  technologies in the treatment and feeding the animals on their farms. In accordance with the requirements of the international ISO 9001-2011 quality system, each batch of milk at the stage of acceptance directly at the plant passes a strict control and research. In addition, the company uses a special control system in the production of yogurt – ORGANIC-CONTROL, which guarantees the use of only safe natural ingredients in a manufacturing process.

The purchase of milk is being made in the Belgorod region farms, which is an additional stimulus for the further development of dairy farming and dairy industry development in the region.

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