The other EFKO Group 's business line is manufacturing of soap products – soap chips, laundry and toilet soap – that had been started in 2013.

In 2015, EFKO Group created a new facility «EFKO Cosmetic», based on Voronezh «Finist» factory. The soap products are manufactured on the up-to-date European equipment under control of the special department for household chemicals production preparation by employees of  «EFKO Cosmetic» LLC who studied in the Innovation Center "Biruch – NT".

All the soap is made of vegetable oils and is based on the soap chips, with addition of essential oils and other components. Unlike most of the samples available in the market, the soap by EFKO Group do not contain Sodium Tallowate — a mixture of sodium salts getting from pork, beef and other technical animal fats processing.

Today the range of soap products by EFKO includes more than 120 SKU, targeted at varied audiences.
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