A wide warehouse network is essential for efficient management of shipments and uninterrupted supply of products to our customers. EFKO has 13 own and rental warehouses in the Central Russia and neighboring countries. The Company's total warehousing capacity is over 48,7 thous pallet positions.

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, best European practices, WHO and Codex Alimentarius, we provide the transportation of vegetable oils used by EFKO's production capacities in the stainless steel Road and Rail Tanks. Before loading, all containers pass high-pressure sterilization.

EFKO's well-developed logistics chain allows it to ship over 70 % of its products to its customers without resorting to third-party distributor services. A fleet of more than 3 000 own and rental motor and railway transport units facilitates our efficient supplies — the shipping and customs clearance procedures of cargoes for our foreign partners have been significantly expedited. For instance, customs clearance of our products takes only two days.

To optimize delivery terms, we use an automated system for accounting and product identification by shipment and manufacturing date, allowing us to track each shipment from the conveyor belt to the end-consumer.

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