In 2012, EFKO's "Sloboda" brand product line was enhanced by adding ketchups, produced under the unique formula with pieces of natural vegetables by the Company's own lines in Alekseevka (Belgorod Region) using top-of-the-line European equipment. Today we are one of the TOP-5 largest ketchup producers in Russia.

Along with other products of "Sloboda" brand, the new ketchup is made using only natural ingredients, free from artificial additives, colors, starch, or GMOs.  

Our Organic-Control quality management system ensures the high quality, all-natural ingredients, and mild technologies preserving nutrients.

Research made by our technologists allow us to enrich our ketchups with organic fibre promoting digestion and metabolism.

The range of ketchups "Sloboda" includes not only the classic types with homogenous consistency, such as Tomato, Barbecue, Hot and Garlic Ketchups, but also alternatives for gourmet, cooked under unique recipes for Russia: Lecho, Grill with slices of vegetables, Gourmet with sun-dried tomatoes and Chile with vegetables and hot pepper.

In 2016, the «Sloboda» ketchup of Shashlichniy and Tomatniy kinds were awarded with the State Quality Mark.

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