Today EFKO is one of the major processors of oilseeds in Russia and the Republic of Kazakhstan, and one of the largest Non-GMO soybean processor in the market of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Following the results of 2016, EFKO takes the second place in Russia at processing the sunflower seeds (10% market share) and the second place at processing the soybean with 8% share.

The capacity of the company for oilseed processing are located in the Belgorod region, the Krasnodar krai and in Almaty (Kazakhstan) and accounts for more than 2 million tons per year.

The assets are located in promising areas of raw material and equipped with the latest facilities, which is one of the strategic advantages of the Company.

Mechanical extraction (pressing) and solvent extraction technologies are used for sunflower oil production. At the pre-press treatment stage, the seeds are dehulled, ground, and roasted. The roasted seeds are fed onto a screw press, extracting 70 % of the oil content. The oil is then filtered and subjected to several phases of fine purification. The oil by-product – press cake – still contains a considerable amount of oil.

To maximize the extraction rate, the cake is further subjected to organic solvent extraction. Solvent extraction is a diffusion-based process: difference between the oil content in the solvent applied and in the cake forces oil particles out into the solvent until its concentration in both substances levels out. The oil-containing solution – miscella – is distilled to remove the solvent and any residues, yielding the residual oil.

Almost all the raw vegetable oil extracted by the Group is consumed internally to produce food components and branded products – mayonnaise and packaged oils, and is exported.

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