Today EFKO Group is one of the leading agro-industrial companies in Russia. EFKO is one of the largest oilseeds processor in Russia and the Republic of Kazakhstan, and one of the largest Non-GMO soybean processor in the market of the Eurasian Economic Union. The company's capacity for processing sunflower, soybean and rapeseed accounts for more than 2 million tons per year.

Our raw materials – sunflower and other oilseeds – are mostly sourced from third-party suppliers, with each supplier accounting for 5 % or less of the total procurement volume. We cooperate with producers and traders alike.

Our specialized procurement subdivisions in Voronezh, Alekseevka, and Rostov work in close contact with its agro-industrial companies in 18 Russian regions, as well as in Almaty region in Kazakhstan, cooperating with more than 400 farmers.

The Group stores its raw materials in its own elevators (total capacity – 500 thousand tonnes of sunflower seeds) and 60 third-party elevators.

Up to 70 % of all raw materials are sourced from our production facilities within 300 km, which helps minimize storage and transportation costs. All these factors considerably reduce the efforts and resources required for the Group's operations on their current scale. Close proximity to raw materials producers and an extensive elevator network allow the Group to maximize its sourcing base and manage procurement prices effectively.

The EFKO Group is also actively working to increase the yield and gross harvest of oil seeds in Russia and Kazakhstan. High-quality seeds, pesticides and agricultural support are provided under the Pre-Harvest Financing Program to Farmers. An extensive training program, which is intended to strengthen the culture of agricultural technologies, is also implemented.

In 2017, the company started a project to build the complex Selection and Seed Production Centre for soybean and other agricultural crops in the Belgorod region with a capacity up to 25 thousand tonnes of seeds. The produced seeds are given to domestic agricultural producers within the Pre-Harvest Financing Program to Farmers, and also they are sold in the internal market. Constructing the storage assets and developing new soybean varieties, that will be adapted to the Russian climate, are going to be the next stage of the project.

We strongly believe that Russia can and must provide itself with the high-quality soybean and its deep processing products, and the surplus of raw materials and soybean-based final products should be stable exported.
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